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Sheryl Crow History

Sheryl Crow has always held her high ground in the music industry and is considered one of the popular artists of the 90s. Though her music had been very 90s driven, she did not stop making an effort in the millennium, which turned out to be more successful than expected.

Crow was born in Missouri, where she continues to visit. Her family was well developed in their music talents; her mom was a piano teacher and singer and her dad a lawyer and trumpet player. She began to write lyrics when she was only 13 and received her degree in Music at the University of Missouri.

At that time she became an elementary school teacher, but she also started playing with bands. When she turned 24 she decided to try her luck in LA, which paid off when she got hired to sing back up vocals for Michael Jackson on his international Bad tour. After touring, Sheryl kept looking for a record deal, though many companies wanted to make her another pop singer.

Sheryl began working as a vocalist for Sting, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Foreigner, Joe Cocker, Sinead O'Conner, and Don Henley. Also, Wynonna Judd, Celine Dion, and Eric Clapton had Sheryl write songs for them. Her collaborations paid off when she was noticed by producer Hugh Padgham, who signed her with A&M. Crow wasn't satisfied with the sound of her debut album, so it wasn't released.

A few years later in 1993, she released Tuesday Night Music Club, which went multi-platinum. The album conceived hit singles, such as 'All I Wanna Do', 'Can't Cry Anymore', and 'Strong Enough'. The album won her a Grammy in 1995 for Best New Artist, Best Female Rock Vocal, and Record of the Year. Her awards pushed her album to sell over seven million copies.

In 1996, a self titled album was released, whose singles including 'If It Makes You Happy,' 'Home,' and 'Redemption Day,' went triple-platinum and still play on the radio today. She won Grammys for Best Rock Album and also another Best Female Rock Vocal for 'If it Makes You Happy'.

Sheryl began to tour with Lilith Fair in 1997 and in the meantime wrote and sang the theme song to Tomorrow Never Dies, with James Bond. Her 1998 album, The Globe Sessions, didn't do as well as expected, but did go platinum - her third album in a row to do so. It also created the top 20 hit 'My Favorite Mistake'. In 1999, Crow performed at a free concert in New York's Central Park. The other guests included Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Chrissie Hynde, the Dixie Chicks, Stevie Nicks, and Sarah McLachlan.

While going through writer's block, Sheryl still managed to record 'Picture' with Kid Rock on his Cocky album. A year later, in 2002, she released C'mon C'mon, which hit the charts at No. 2. It also went platinum and created the hit single, 'Soak Up the Sun'. She continues to tour all over the U.S. with sold out concerts.