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String Cheese Incident History

Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, The String Cheese Incident is an electrifying bluegrass jam band famous for remarkable ensemble performances and prolific live concert recordings. Ever evolving and incorporating new sounds, The String Cheese Incident combines elements of jazz, funk, electronica, rock and world music into a vivid and collaborative sound that is not only spirited and energetic but also consummately entertaining. Performing extensive concert tours over the years, The String Cheese Incident have built themselves a firm reputation as a fun and engaging live band with their broad sound and extemporaneous playing style. As such, The String Cheese Incident tickets are recommended for music fans of all tastes.

The String Cheese Incident comprises the talents of guitarist Bill Nershi, violinist Michael Kang, pianist Kyle Hollingsworth, bassist Keith Moseley and percussionists Michael Travis and Jason Hann. The band formed in the early nineties and began playing concerts in local venues and ski resorts, their explosive sound and jam-rock ethic becoming an instant hit among concert-goers. Increasing popularity prompted the band to form their own label, SCI Fidelity, through which they have released all their subsequent recordings including 1997’s Born on the Wrong Planet and 2005’s One Step Closer.

The String Cheese Incident have released countless live concert recordings and performed regularly at numerous festivals, which is a testament to not only the popularity of their concerts but also to a refreshing artistic commitment to the furtherance of their live sound. The mixture of lively, uplifting drums, mellow strings and toe-tapping guitar riffs creates a full and interesting sound that will no doubt satisfy fans of grass-roots bluegrass and contemporary pop-rock alike, while the band’s ensemble formation and spontaneous performance come together to create a truly individual and involving concert experience. Light-hearted, fun and anything but incidental, The String Cheese Incident concert tickets are available now.