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The Big Knife History

The Big Knife is a dark and powerful play originally written in 1948 by Clifford Odets. When the play was first written, America was in a flush of post-war success and the country’s attention turned towards capitalism. The current condition of the era can be seen in this entire production which paints a dark and captivating picture of mid 20th century life in the United States. The focus of the play is on the glamour and intrigue of the Hollywood lifestyle and on movie starts that are struggling in a difficult time to hold true to their identities as they face the challenges of life in the spotlight, including the grip of the publicity machines of the time and other previsions that make Hollywood far less glamorous that it seems to the world.This play first captivated audiences when it was released in 1948 and now, this moving production is getting the full Broadway treatment with the latest version of this production. This period drama still has the same dialogue of the original production and features plenty of melodrama that is sure to keep audiences on the edges of their seats. The story follows the tale of Charlie Castle; a successful action star in the world of Hollywood who is struggling with his success and the image that he has with the public; feeling he is being portrayed too much as a cartoon character and not enough as a respected and gifted performer. Charlie’s inner struggles are explored in the production with an enticing lead character who only refers to himself in the third person and has a string of complicated relationships; including one with his estranged wife.The play places a lens on the world of Hollywood at the time and on American society as a whole during this era. As the play unfolds; audiences will be intrigued with a dark, complex, yet utterly captivating tale that is wrought with drama. After previewing to rave reviews; this remake of the 1948 play had its official opening on Broadway, and now audiences of all types can relive the drama of this tale as it unfolds on the stage in a way never seen before. With all of the elements of a true film noir-esque drama and powerful performances from a slue of talented performers; The Big Knife still has the same lure and appeal that it did centuries ago; making it a must see for theatre fans of all types