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The Elephant Man History

The 1977 play titled The Elephant Man first debuted on Broadway in 1979 before closing in 1981 after a successful run. The production has also been reborn off-Broadway several times. During time, the lead character has been brought to life by talents such as Bruce Davidson, David Schofield, David Bowie and Mark Hamil. The production follows the story and the life of Joseph Merrick, a man living in the Victorian era who became well known for his extreme deformities. One of the unique features of this production and this character is not only the talents that have portrayed Merrick in the past, but the way in which the actor portrays Merrick’s deformity through physicality, allow the audience to simply imagine what the character’s real deformity looks like.The production follows the story of up and coming surgeon Frederick Treves when he is invited to see a freakshow. After Merrick is kicked out of the show and sent back to London Treves takes him to a hospital or treatment. During this time, the character’s story and past come to life as many begin to see the real person behind “The Elephant Man.” The show has been adapted for television and movies and is known for one of the most unique stories of its kind.In 2014, it was announced that another revival of the production would be hitting the Broadway stage. This production is scheduled to open at the Booth Theatre on December 7th or a 13 week engagement. The production will feature film star Bradley Copper as Merrick, a role that he already took on once in the 2012 Williamstown Theatre Festival. The show will also star Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola.While the story will continue to tell the same tale of the outcast man, the new Broadway production is scheduled to breathe new life into this unforgettable tale.