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We Will Rock You History

We Will Rock You is a futuristic rock comedy by Queen and Ben Elton. Over a thousand audiences have heralded this to be the best musical out since its beginnings in 2002. It is an edge of your seat, hilarious, romantic comedy with an awe-inspiring finale that will have you standing and cheering. Tickets to We Will Rock You, which, in addition to its international stagings, became a fixture at the Paris Las Vegas, sell out fast but you can get the best seats here.

The show features music by Queen like 'We Are the Champions,' 'Another One Bites the Dust,' 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' and the title song, 'We Will Rock You.' Queen's rock-opera style is perfect for a show like this, and fans are singing praises for this perfect adaptation. The show began in London in 2002 and has spread to Australia, Russia, Spain, Germany and finally the U.S.

We Will Rock You features 20 of Queen's songs and a captivating story of a utopian society in which people conform and are happy. There are those rebels, however, who want to rock but can't because all musical instruments are banned in this world. The only music allowed is poppy boy-and girl-band stuff that is controlled by and produced by The Company. But underground a revolution is growing. The Bohemians believe that there once was a golden age when musicians played their own instruments and wrote their own songs. They are awaiting a hero who will pull the guitar god's axe from the stone and lead the Bohemians in a musical revolt. The cops are looking for this hero, too.

The question is, will they find their hero in time? We Will Rock You is an adventurous tale fraught with pitfalls and obstacles for the main character, Galileo, to overcome. You have to get tickets to see We Will Rock You. This story will entertain you, stimulate you, and keep you guessing all the way up to its acclaimed finale.