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Have you been waiting all year to see Wilco on tour? Great, they are going to be performing live near you! But wait, it looks like the concert is sold out, or, perhaps, the seats you are finding are not quite what you wanted.
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Wilco History

Since first forming in 1994; the alternative rock band Wilco has been entertaining audiences with their unique and unforgettable sound and delighting fans and critics alike with their fresh approach to rock music. After years of a highly successful following from underground rock fans; the band really shot to fame with the controversial release of their album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which they streamed live on their website much to the chagrin of their record companies. After getting this attention from fans and critics, the album went on to be the groups most successful record to date and has helped them become the massive rock band that they are today.The group has gone on to win numerous awards for their work within the rock music genre including two Grammy Awards and the prize of Best Alternative Album of the year for their 2004 record A Ghost is Born. Their Grammy Award success helped the group earn their outstanding reputation in the industry today and the title of one of the most innovative alternative rock bands in the genre. This award success paired with critical acclaim, Billboard Chart success and hit singles are just a few of the many accomplishments that have made Wilco such as beloved member of the rock community. While many praise the band for their unique lyrics and for their show stopping performances on television programs like The Late Show with David Letterman; fans of the group know there is nothing quite like seeing Wilco live.Even with years in the business, the rockers behind Wilco have showed no signs of slowing down and continue not only to make new music but to tour around the globe; delivering their high energy performances to fans from all over the world. During these live performances, fans can expect to hear some of their biggest hits from the past nearly 20 years in the business as well as some of their newest recordings. Those who are looking to get Wilco tickets to see the band play live will not want to miss out on the opportunity to see the group in person as they head out on the road for most of 2013.