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Wimbledon History

Congratulations to Rafael Nadal, winner of the Men’s Singles and Serena Williams, winner of the Women’s Singles, in the 2010 Wimbledon Championships!

Wimbledon is one of the biggest and most popular Grand Slam tennis tournaments today. It started out as a garden party in 1877, and now it is a grand event attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Broadcast throughout the world by television, radio, and the internet, Wimbledon is put on by the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club every year in Worple Road, England. Tickets won't be around for long, so if you want to see this legendary tournament for yourself, get your 2010 Wimbledon tickets now!

The Wimbledon Championships start every year around mid or late June and last two weeks, or as long as it is necessary to complete the tournament. Players from over sixty countries have competed at this event. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam Tournament, of four, that is played on a grass court.

The first Wimbledon Championship was won by Spencer Gore. Two hundred tickets were sold to spectators viewing the finals. These tickets cost a shilling a piece. The only event was Gentlemen's Singles. Women's Singles were added in 1884 and won by Maud Watson. Gentlemen's Doubles were added in the same year.

Until 1905, the Wimbledon Championship was a domestic event. May Sutton of the United States was the first person from overseas to win a Wimbledon title. It has since become a multinational event with winners from all over the globe. Some of the most famous winners have been Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, Rod Laver, John McEnroe, John Newcombe, Arthur Ashe, Suzanne Lenglen, Margaret Court, Steffi Graff, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams. Pete Sampras holds the record with seven Wimbledon Wins and fourteen Grand Slam titles overall. His retirement and the end of a career-long rivalry with Andre Agassi was a disappointment to tennis fans everywhere.

Not only does Wimbledon allow players from any country to enter into the competition, but amateurs are welcome too. In 1968, Wimbledon opened its doors to professionals and amateurs alike. There is even a Juniors' Wimbledon Competition.

Today, almost 500,000 tickets are sold to spectators to attend the Wimbledon Championships. The charm and appeal that attracts people to this event is due to the fact that it is one of the only Grand Slams that remains without subsidy. It is not as commercialized as the Australian Open, U.S. Open, or French Open and retains its traditional, British charm. It is also one of the most organized and best presented of the tennis tournaments.

Some players plan their entire season around this one event. Being a Wimbledon champion is one of the most prestigious awards in tennis and has been called the Olympics of tennis. It has the highest regard among tennis players, and players will strive for their entire careers just to attain this one title.

Wimbledon is a spectacular event attended by fans from all over the globe. This tournament put on by Britain's, and possibly the world's, premiere tennis club is unrivaled by any other tennis tournament. It has the highest ticket sales of the Tennis Grand Slams and is highly regarded by any member of the tennis community.