Wrigley Field Chicago IL

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Wrigley Field Chicago IL Tickets

Wrigley Field Chicago IL

At least one US flag is certainly waving whenever there is a game at the Wrigley field in Chicago, Illinois. From 1916, Wrigley field has functioned as the home field for the Chicago Cubs. Created in 1914, it was originally identified as Weeghman Park after Charles Weeghman who owned the Chicago Whales, the baseball team for the Federal League. It was named Cubs Park from 1920 until 1926 and was renamed for chewing gum tycoon, William Wrigley Jr., the former owner of the team. This emerged as the home field of the National Football League's Chicago Bears too from 1921 until 1970. On January 1, 2009, it became the host of the 2nd yearly National Hockey League Winter Classic.

Situated in the suburban area of Lakeview, Wrigley Field can be found on an asymmetrical block bordered by Waveland Avenue to the north, Sheffield Avenue to the east, Addison Street to the south and Clark Street to the west. There are restaurants, bars, and other shops near the field, normally called Wrigleyville.

Hall of Famer Ernie 'Mr. Cub' Banks gave a moniker 'The Friendly Confines' to the ballpark. Being the 10th smallest operational ballpark, it can hold 41,160 people. Wrigley Field is the sole alive Federal League park, the first ever National League ballpark and also the second oldest in force major league ballpark. Wrigley Field is famous due to its ivy-covered outfield walls, the odd wind patterns from Lake Michigan, the hand-turned scoreboard and the red marquee or signage directly at the main entry.

Wrigley's sensational highlights: 

Wrigley field compared to other ballparks is most sensitive to wind conditions, and is quite a sight during the summer with beautiful ivy vines on its outfield walls. The famous "Bleacher Bums" were formed here in 1966 by 10 fans. There many more historical moments that just marks this "monument" with its history, though a point to highlight is that Wrigley has never witnessed the Cubs winning any world championship on its grounds.