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Wwe History

WWE or the World Wrestling Entertainment currently holds a live event that has been touring the country for years. This event called WWE Raw or WWE Monday Night Raw, is a unique sports entertainment program that combines live television entertainment with a nation-wide tour to deliver an event unlike any other. The event first began in 1993 and since then has been touring the globe not only to provide fans with a once in a lifetime opportunity to see their favorite WWE wrestlers live but to tape for the Monday night programs that currently airing on USA Network. The event is seen as the flagship program for WWE wrestling and a favorite for fans as they are allowed to see the world’s most famous wrestlers perform live in stunning entertaining events. In 2012 the performance celebrated its 1,000th live event and 1,000th television episode.To date, the tour has visited 197 different arenas in 165 different cities and it has also made it to nine different nations. In addition to the United States, the WWE Wrestling event has been broadcast from Canada, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Italy. Currently the event runs for about three hours for fans that see the show live with about two hours and 15 minutes being used for television purposes.The tour continues to visit arenas around the country, with different special themed nights and performances being held at different stadiums and arenas. Since every night is designed to be a different format and provide a different story or theme, fans are able to see the show live multiple times in a row without seeing repeat performances. This is one of the many factors that has made the WWE Live performances so popular. To date, the show has sold out virtually every arena it has ever visited, and tickets to the event are known for being extremely difficult to come by. As of 2012 the event continues to stay on the road making major stops in big arenas around the country providing different shows such as the WWE Smackdown, WWE Raw World Tour and WWE Royal Rumble. Depending on the event fans can expect to see different top performers live at these performances.