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Have you been waiting all year to see Zappa Plays Zappa on tour? Great, they are going to be performing live near you! But wait, it looks like the concert is sold out, or, perhaps, the seats you are finding are not quite what you wanted.
Absolutely no problem, Zappa Plays Zappa tickets are available here for a more than reasonable (some even dare say cheap) price. So, whether you have to be standing mere feet from the stage or you are a working with a little tighter budget, find your Zappa Plays Zappa tickets at Coast to Coast Tickets and enjoy your favorite band in person.
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Zappa Plays Zappa History

Are you looking for a musical experience that is genuinely unique? If so -- look no further! Now is your chance to get tickets to hear Zappa Plays Zappa -- the first official live tour featuring Frank Zappa's extraordinary music since his untimely death in 1993. Lovingly presented by Frank's son Dweezil and a band of truly superb musicians, this category-defying sound will thrill long-time Zappa fans and utterly amaze those who know him only as the writer of such zany novelty songs as Don't Eat the Yellow Snow.

In fact, Frank Zappa was one of rock and roll's -- one of America's -- most underrated composers. Many people who enjoyed his iconoclastic lyrics, offbeat humor, political sophistication, and total originality are nevertheless often unaware of the fact that Zappa's great love was classical music. He wrote it all his adult life, recorded with symphony orchestras, and won numerous festival awards.

Nothing about Frank Zappa was ordinary. Delighting in experimentation, he constantly challenged established musical boundaries and refused to be pigeonholed. This was consistent with his passionate contempt for puritanical censorship and moral hypocrisy of any kind. Zappa tirelessly crusaded against what he called cretin stupidity and led his band, the celebrated Mothers of Invention, to unprecedented heights of avant garde artistry.

At the same time, this brilliant, wild, and highly unusual artist vigorously championed the cause of individual liberty in the face of oppressive governments -- so much so that he was recognized by anti-communist revolutionaries in Czechoslovakia as a cultural ambassador -- a distinction loudly derided by U. S. Senate proponents of censorship, with whom Zappa had long done battle.

Misunderstood by many, condemned by some, Zappa is heard far too little these days. For one thing, Zappa's music is extremely difficult to play, requiring classically trained artists who really know their instruments. Fortunately, in a labor of love, Frank Zappa's son Dweezil, himself an accomplished guitarist, has assembled a first-rate orchestra and is taking Zappa on the road for a whole new generation of admirers! Frank Zappa's live performances were always technically proficient, exciting, unpredictable, intellectually challenging -- and positively mind-blowing! Don't miss this chance to get tickets for an astonishing musical trip! As Dweezil says, It's very important to us that Frank Zappa's music be heard and understood from the right perspective -- Frank's! We want people to dive in and discover it for themselves, just by listening!